Jensen Insulation is an insulation contractor servicing from Miami to Melbourne. Improve the energy efficiency of your home or business with insulation services from Jensen Insulation. Insulating your property comes with numerous benefits, including lower heating bills and a more comfortable atmosphere overall. We work with a variety of companies, homeowners, and provide cold storage solutions.

We work with builders and general contractors, providing on-time scheduling to meet your inspection and drywall deadlines. We guarantee that there will be no inspection failures.

Our non-paper radiant barrier products offer an economical alternative to spray foam insulation and a complement to existing fiberglass insulation.

This option is cheaper and very effective for existing homes of commercial buildings. We also offer industrial insulation options for box warehouses with a metal or concrete roof. Perfect for those tight budgets!

We have solutions for homeowners confronted with roofs that are impossible to insure because of older codes or nail patterns.

There are various types of insulation materials and methods. The option you go with depends on your budget, space and preferences. Jensen Insulation will work with you to determine the best solution for your home. The right insulation can reduce your electricity kilowatts by 30 to 50 percent and will optimize your comfort level.

Services Offered:

  • Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation
  • Injected Foam for CBS Walls
  • Fiberglass Products
  • Rigid Foam Board
  • Reflective Foil Insulation
  • Radiant Barrier Options
  • Insulation Removal
  • Attic Sanitation
  • The Foamseal Hurricane Adhesive System

Services Offered:

Blown-In Insulation

Using high quality products, Jensen Insulation provides professional blown-in cellulose installation services for residential and commercial buildings. Particularly popular for attics and crawl spaces, blown-in insulation is both cost effective and energy efficient for your home and your business.


Fiberglass is the most common form of insulation in the country. This is because it is both affordable and effective. Also, fiberglass does not have the same predisposition to mold as blown-in insulation because it doesn’t absorb water.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a fast, affordable way to insulate a building. The foam starts as a self expanding liquid that’s sprayed onto the surface and then hardens to a foam insulation. Spray foam will attach to many different surfaces and can be applied to inverted surfaces including the underside of roofs, ceilings and floors. We offer open and closed cell spray foam insulation to provide the perfect solution for your space.

Firestopping Insulation

Jensen Insulation can also install fire resistant insulation in your home or business. Using only high quality products, our fire-stopping insulation will help to prevent fire from spreading, adding an extra layer of protection to your company or residence.

Insulation Removal

Removing old insulation materials can sometimes be part of the installation process, which we can take care of for our customers. Removing insulation is also necessary when the insulation gets wet, damaged or pest infested. Ignoring this issue can cause mold to build up, damaging your home and impacting the air quality in your home. Our insulation removal services are also available for commercial properties. We use high powered vacuums to pull loose insulation and waste for fast, clean removal.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Save Money

Let the experts at Jensen Insulation deliver the right insulation solution for your needs.

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